Brian Kelly

Brian KellyDr. Brian Kelly is a unique combination of successful chiropractor, past President of two chiropractic colleges (in New Zealand and the USA) and a recognized international speaker, who has also received Business training from the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

In Melbourne, Australia he built a successful multi-doctor practice working with some of the best chiropractic coaches in the world.

As President for two outstanding colleges, he achieve incredible growth and change for both during his tenure. His combined experience as President and part of a Research Foundation Board for over a decade, has given him insight into greater possibilities for evidenced informed subluxation focused practices.

As a speaker, Dr. Kelly has had the opportunity to speak for some of the world’s leading chiropractic events and consulting firms around the world. He has travelled and met chiropractors in Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, France, Switzerland, India and Australia.

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