David Melendez

David MelendezDr. David Melendez was inspired to become a chiropractor so he could set other people free of pain, sickness and ill health.

Graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles) in 1989 he opened Gold Coast Chiropractic Center (1990) in Southern California with his wife Dr. Lorraine Melendez.

Together they have been in practice 27 years helping thousands of patients from families to professional athletes, heal naturally – all glory to God. They use the Pettibon System of spinal correction transitioning to a lifestyle care model to achieve an ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.*

This year Dr. David and Lorraine’s two sons (Dr. Jacob and Dr. Lucas) graduated from Life West along with their wives Dr. Anna and Dr. Courtney Melendez. Now all 6 doctors are working together at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center. As a family team they have fulfilled chiropractic missions to India, Mexico, and Indonesia.


Their daughter currently performs on Broadway and studies musical theater at PACE University in NYC.

*Gold Coast Chiropractic Center is a 100 Year Lifestyle affiliate office.