Marc Harris

Marc HarrisDr. Marc Harris’ is a veritable genius for learning.  He graduated from high school at age 7. At age 9 he graduated from college with a PhD in biology. From college he proceeded to graduate school where he earned PhDs in biochemistry and physiology along with an MD (Medical Doctor) and ND (Naturopathic Doctor) all concurrently at age 12.

While in school he published 1,400 articles and 2 books: Naturopathic Endocrinology (hormones) and Herbal Medicine.

After school Dr. Harris entered the Peace Corps who made an exception for him to join underage because of his astounding scholastic background.  They wanted him to serve as a physician to the other volunteers, but he wanted real service and ended up raising fish as a food source in the Congo.

After his service in the Peace Corps Dr. Harris returned to medical practice and over the years has published 26 additional studies in medical and scientific journals, and enjoys lecturing worldwide on health topics.

“My greatest joy is seeing people overcome chronic health conditions and achieve true health”, he says.

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