Tedd Koren

Tedd KorenDr. Tedd Koren is a popular speaker on health philosophy, research, chiropractic and chronic illness. After graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic, as class valedictorian with honors, he was instrumental in founding the ADIO Institute of Straight Chiropractic in greater Philadelphia where he taught histology, neurology and chiropractic.

Dr. Tedd’s post-graduate work with Dr. Lowell Ward (Long Beach, CA) on posture and personality was published in the International Journal of Psychosomatics. His research led him to organize a multi-disciplinary practice in downtown Philadelphia and host a weekly radio show on commercial radio.

Dr. Tedd and his wife Beth are the founders of Koren Specific Techniqe (KST) and Koren Publications, Inc. which is responsible for the distribution of over 100 million brochures, booklets, posters and books backed up by his impeccable research.

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