Yasmine Mason

Yasmine MasonDr. Yasmine Mason and her husband, Dr. Derek Mason, are both chiropractors. They have been in practice in Newport Beach, California for over 15 years.

Their food philosophy is most similar to Weston A. Price and Dr. Mercola.

6 years ago Dr. Yasmine started fermenting and loved the results. The Masons began recommending fermented foods to their patients, but most of them opted out because it took “too much time”. Dr. Yasmine realized she could solve this problem, and opened Fermentation Farm in 2014. Her vision: To provide the local community with nutritious fermented food they didn’t have time to make themselves.

Dr. Yasmine’s store is becoming a gathering place in the community for people who share a passion for handcrafted, traditional foods and drinks. Products are made with only the best fresh ingredients. Local. Organic. Densely nutritious. Always.

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